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But, if you're hitting a wall in life career-wise, family-wise or relationship-wise, maybe it's time to step back and examine how much time you spend at the bar.

Are booze and illicit substances holding you back from realizing your full potential?

I've learned that I can give up temporary fun and pleasure for some serious long-term benefits. That's definitely not something I will care about in 10 years.

When a relationship is a drain, whether it be romantic or otherwise, I've gained insight on when it's time to move on.

Were it not for booze-fueled sex, 50-60 percent of us wouldn't be here. I'm willing to bet the Churchill family line would have ended well before they could "fight on the beaches ... Quoting a poll from of adult beverage consumers, booze in Britain plays a major role in mating.

Further, half of the couples hadn't had sex in the last month without the inclusion of liquid courage.

) interested in each others' reproductive zones (if not digestive apertures) since the first time a cave husband left a bunch of berries in the sun for a few days, but it seems like our reliance on alcohol as aphrodisiac is ramping up. Maybe it's debauched non-sensual titillation of the videos. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that the lion's share of my initial sexual explorations involved some amount of fluid fearlessness.

It could be our relaxed attitude towards STIs since the HIV scare of the 90s. But maybe it's just the way human beings have always propagated the species, as inebriation and copulation both feel pretty darn good.

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Not everyone needs to be completely sobes 100% of the time.

I meditate, exercise, eat pretty healthy and talk about my problems with trusted confidantes instead. I also have fulfilling hobbies and activities — volunteer work is a great way to feel better because I'm focusing my attention on solving someone else's problems and not obsessing about my own misfortunes. It's so much easier to realize how fucked up a relationship is when you've got a clear mind.

It's easy to start a romance in a drunken haze and then realize six-months later you don't even like the person.

My adolescence was riddled with substance abuse and insanity. Little did I know I was in store for a much more powerful ride by not drinking or drugging.

Being sober, I've made plenty of terrible, impulsive, typical 20-something decisions.

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