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Thrilled, he goes out with his friends Dre and Cashmere to celebrate.

A gun used in a drive-by shooting somehow finds its way into Cashmere's car. Cashmere has an easier time adapting to penitentiary life than Dre and Avery, who are more unfamiliar with the gang life that pervades the environment.

..only see my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their imagination -- indeed, everything and anything except me." Ralph Ellison Invisible Man See more » I was eager to see Lockdown as its a movie i quite simply missed in the past.He has returned to the swim meet circuit and is now having the time of his life.One night, after winning a race, he is approached by a college scout.In 2001, less than a year after the film's release, De'Aundre Bonds was convicted in real life for exactly the same crime as his character - manslaughter, due to an altercation where Bonds had killed his aunt's boyfriend.Bonds served a ten year sentence at the California Rehabilitation Center Norco and was released in 2011.

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