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Each late rep is accompanied with a sort of I-can’t- believe-I’m-doing-this smile, each high-five as animated as you’d see in the NBA playoffs.

Because, for these guys to achieve the bodies of their dreams, they don’t just need drugs or surgery or years of therapy—though those are all essential.

“He told me, ‘I’ve reached a point in my transition where I don’t feel comfortable in the locker room space anymore,’” says Bland-Walsh, who points out that there’s no bigger daily source of potential terror and shame for transgender people than a public restroom.

This fall, one Chicago school district banned transgender people from locker rooms, and, in Houston, a proposal to allow trans people to use public bathrooms “of their choice” met rabid opposition. ”) And last spring, in fact, a woman in Midland, MI, sued Planet Fitness when it canceled her membership because, it said, she’d violated its “no judgment” policy when she encountered a transgender woman in the women’s locker room and flipped out, alerting the entire gym.He adapted as best he could, keeping his brunette hair in a short bowl cut starting in elementary school, but he would always panic and burst into tears when his parents put dresses on him.“When I was 10, I had to wear one to my brother’s wedding,” he says. I remember trying to feign an injury to get out of it, like rolling out of bed in hopes that my arm would break.” When he exercised, he would take pains to hide his sports bra straps under more masculine clothing.“From a bodybuilding standpoint, it’s legal doping.” Today, testosterone’s deft hand—along with Bland-Walsh’s rigorous high-intensity routine—has whittled away the men’s formerly round figures, hardening the angles of their faces, lowering their voices, and giving many of them a bounty of manly hair.“Is this the first time you’ve watched him work out? I’m always hearing, ‘I’m not seeing the gains I want.’” Everyone breaks out in laughter.

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    • Despite these recommendations, only 45% of young people aged 15–17 reported in 2013–2015 that they spent time alone with a doctor or other health care provider during their most recent visit in the previous year.

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