Cacee cobb donald faison still dating

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The pair has a quick exchange about why Nick doesn’t open car doors for Jessica anymore.She sets him up by declaring, “At the beginning of our marriage, you were so eager to open the door for me.” Without missing a beat, he delivers the punch line: “At the beginning of our marriage, I got laid.” A happy-go-lucky jingle immediately starts playing, and we see a wide shot of Nick and Jessica’s house. Thanks to her marriage to Donald Faison, Cobb’s name has remained in tabloid magazines and on celebrity websites over the past decade.Jessica Simpson's best friend and former personal assistant Cacee Cobb is now a married woman! They took the plunge Saturday at a private house in Los Angeles.Former Scrubs star Donald Faison and girlfriend Cacee Cobb, Jessica Simpson's BFF and former personal assistant, are engaged, People reports.Meanwhile, the blushing bride wore an embellished gown which hugged her baby bump, as well as a long veil and carried a large bouquet of flowers.Kimberly shared a photo of the wedding party posing outside a converted barn where the reception was held.'We're married!! The guests apparently spent the night in tents as part of the bohemian theme. Diana has five children including sons Ross, 29, and Evan, 28 with ex husband Arne Naess, Jr.In keeping with the theme Cacee, 39, donned a pretty pink maxi dress while Donald, 42, looked dapper in a cream suit.

But Ca Cee allowed Jessica to seem like the wise one.

So the show introduced a character to rehabilitate LC’s image.

Lo, already enjoying a modest fame of her own, allowed Lauren’s sympathetic side to reemerge.

They were a Lucy and Ricky for the turn of the century, though that NYC apartment was replaced with a Hollywood Mc Mansion that could be mistaken for the model home on had been on the air for 10 months and the value of Simpson’s naïveté and Lachey’s attendant exasperation was depreciating. Jessica’s best friend turned assistant moved in from Texas. Who would have guessed her relative fame would outlast Nick and Jessica’s marriage, as well as Ashlee Simpson’s pop music career?

They needed a disrupter, someone to change the dynamic. Cobb’s purpose on the show was to allow Jessica to show some range.

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