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These boys' lives were torture and it was a rage killing.'Premeditated by a day or two to get to the guns but they clearly couldn't endure anymore of the psychological, physical and emotional cumulative effect.'The male brain doesn't form fully until the mid to late 20s - and they were kids.

So the reality for them and expectations and the father's philosophy and it was a total warped reality.

The answer is no and the reason is because of all the abuse that led up to it'. 'We even play chess through the mail, but it’s a little slow.'Their story made headlines and shocked the US over several years following the slaying of Jose and Kitty Menendez.

Pictured: Erik (left) and Lyle (right)In January, Lyle told People that the two brothers remain close even though they are held in separate prisons.'Our relationship has never changed,' Lyle, now 49, spoke from California’s Mule Creek State Prison. The public's journey started when news broke of the murder on LA news channels after the brothers called 911 upon 'finding' their parents brutally murdered at their home.

Lolita Davidovich, who plays slain mother Kitty in the NBC crime drama, said: 'I hope they do get parole. I believe from the get-go, the next day, they regretted it..sure.'It was an act of passion, it was stupid, immature and it was tragic.

NBCUniversal human resources was apprised of the situation and documented it in his employee file while furbishing the actor, who plays Hank Voight on the show, with an anger management coach.'The environment has improved drastically,' insiders told Variety, noting that Beghe has shown 'significant improvement' in his conduct, with no complaints over his behavior over the last six months.These boys deserve a lot of empathy.'Lolita hopes that the show may help make people locked in 'pressure cooker situations' to reach out for help rather than committing rage actions.Eventually the brothers testified that they were armed with 12-gauge shotguns when they burst into the den of their home and fatally shot their parents, while the couple watched TV.The brothers, then 18 and 21, shot their parents at home in 1989.Jose Menendez (second to right), a 45-year-old entertainment executive, was shot point-blank in the back of the head and Kitty Menendez, 47, (second to left) was found lying in a pool of blood in the hallway Cast members of Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders special, have spoken out about the case.

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