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A Wall Street Journal poll shows new voters prefer Obama by an eye-popping three to one (69 percent to 20 percent).

So, the Republican game plan is simple: don’t let new voters vote.

The Social Security Administration is rejecting nearly half of the names submitted because there is no multi-state compatible tracking system. She told me most of the rejected vote applicants had Hispanic, Vietnamese, Islamic and other “odd” names – odd, that is, for Republicans. The result is voters will find themselves simply missing (or in some states, required to show extra ID – another horror show we’ll discuss below).

(I used to teach statistics at Indiana University, so I enjoy reading matrices like others enjoy novels.)For BBC TV and Rolling Stone, I asked the current Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman, “Why all the purging?

” No answer, not a word, stonewalled even when I flew into Denver and stood outside his door. I spoke with Paul Hultin, appointed by Colorado’s Democratic governor to the state’s Election Reform Commission. He knows, and says, that Help America Vote was a law “born in corruption,” but he’s spent his time on Colorado’s voting machines, which he knows are busted.

Over a million (1,090,000) were never counted, just chucked in the dumpster.

That’s what caused Kerry to lose New Mexico, Iowa and Ohio.

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