Dating ava gardner

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He had the title role in 1960's "Spartacus," but Douglas is prouder of the part that he played in breaking the Hollywood blacklist, which barred artists accused of having Communist ties from working in the movie industry. Still, Dunaway praised Douglas' performance, noting that "he's as bright a person as I've met in the acting profession."Kirk Douglas on being a parent:"Give your children lots of rope. Although the film made more money for Douglas than any of his acting jobs, he called it one of the great disappointments of his life.

Dalton Trumbo, a blacklisted writer, had been working under pseudonyms, but Douglas insisted that Trumbo receive a screen credit for "Spartacus." In 1991, the Writers Guild of America gave the actor an award for this "singular act of courage."One night Gardner (seen here in 1964's "Seven Days in May") showed up at his door in tears over her marriage to Frank Sinatra. Longtime friends and co-stars of movies like "Gunfight at the O. Corral" and "Seven Days in May," Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster appeared on screen together for the last time in 1986's "Tough Guys." Douglas, then 69, told the New York Times, "We're both impulsive, we're both difficult.

Another acting school classmates was Betty Joan Perske—soon to be known as Lauren Bacall.

She had "a wild crush on Kirk," according to her memoir, and later helped him land his first movie role.

In due course, the cleft chin became his trademark.

There's even an imprint of it, along with his hands and feet, on the famous sidewalk in front of Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre. Douglas' parents were Russian Jewish immigrants who settled in upstate New York, where his father eked out a living as a ragman, trading in old rags and other junk.

Refusing to retire, he underwent years of speech therapy and made a big-screen comeback in 1999's "Diamonds," a comedy about a boxer recovering from the same affliction.At the time, he was falling in love with Anne Burdens, the festival's 34-year-old head of protocol, who would become his second wife.A poised and elegant Belgian, Anne Burdens had turned Douglas down when he tried to hire her as a Paris-based publicist and general assistant in the early '50s.“There was my father warning his 46-year-old son that one of the most iconic actresses of both our lifetimes might 'try to seduce me’.” Seduce him, Gardner did — though, at 64, it was with her story and wit, not that once sinfully beautiful face and body.The year was 1987 and Gardner was semi-paralysed by a stroke and living alone in Kensington.

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