Dating longines watches by serial number

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Longines produces some really beautiful wristwatches; classic designs that look as good today as they did 50 years ago.

Their watches are collectible, affordable and are often very reliable time-keepers.

In the 1850's, Agassiz passed control of his company to his nephew, Ernest Francillon.

Francillon wanted to modernize the production of watches and believed that bringing all the final assembly and finish operations together into one factory would be a more efficient method of production.

The value depends on fluctuations in the antiques market, the nature of supply and demand, the watch's state of preservation and operation, and many other criteria that require a specialist's opinion.

In the early 1800's Swiss watchmaking was truly a cottage-industry.

Accurate annual number lists for Swiss watches are often not available.

Some of the dates in this list are interpolated for years for which there may be no accurate list.

This method of production proved to be very successful, and by the early 1900's the Longines factory employed over 1000 people and had achieved worldwide distrubution and success with its products.Another advantage for the collector is that parts can usually be found to repair Longines watches.At the time of this writing, Longines is part of the Swatch Group, the largest Swiss watch conglomerate.Two additional services are also offered by the brand: These services are provided free of charge, however, the shipping costs and import duties linked to the sending of a watch for authentication remain payable by the client.Time frames: Information by email: 1 to 2 weeks Extract from the Archives: 2 to 3 weeks shipping time Certificate of Authenticity: 2 months shipping time If you own a Longines watch and wish to request one of these services, please contact us using the form on the and choose the following reason for contacting us: "Historical information on a Longines watch".

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