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Question: My son is an excellent student (top 10th of class) with good extracurriculars (literary magazine co-editor, student council member, glee club president, Model UN).His math SAT score is decent (670) but his Critical Reading score (560) is well below the mid-point range at the colleges that interest him.When my friend Brenda, a single, middle-aged female, is trolling those boards, she’s far more likely to contact the guys who have posted pictures than those who have not.

However, a friend told him that, as a white, upper-middle-class applicant from the Northeast, he will be competing against many other similar students who DO submit scores, and so my son’s admission chances will be hurt by withholding the test scores, even though they are not required. It also allows admission officials to accept those who are attractive to them for a variety of reasons (athletes, underrepresented minority students, etc.) but who wouldn’t make the cut without a no-test option.

) she would probably take a shot, photograph or not. 😉 ) Similarly, college applicants like your son, with good grades and a respectable roster of school activities, are in ample supply at the most competitive test-optional schools.

But, as for more garden-variety hopefuls (“Friendly 50-something real estate agent; likes fine dining and long walks …), Brenda shunts the contenders without photos to the bottom of her list. If some of these applicants also boast strong SAT scores, then your son may be passed over as fast as Brenda ignores the photo-free real estate agents.

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