Fictional interracial dating

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I feel I have earned it after such an enjoyable afternoon of sex in the outdoors.

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To me it was like a erotic sexual altar, offering up my randy white wife to be sacrificed to large black primitive cock. Lisa stood tall in her platform heels that thrust her pelvic region invitingly forward.

I can put the picture on Facebook to show all my friends that we had a clean weekend away. Click You have had your way with me in the shower, now it is my turn With that Lisa took my foreskin between her thumb and index finger of her left hand and using her right hand took her razor and started to shave my pubic hairs.

She slid the razor down the length of my stretched cock column, then she denuded my testicles before shaving the pubic hair triangle at the base of my stomach.

You look pre-teen, pre-pubertal without any pubic hair and your small flaccid cock adds to the picture. There was still some red ribbon left which she tied in a neat small bow at the base of my now flaccid white cock. She had put on her cork platform sandals that made her look that much taller. Of breaking the taboo; White women, in general find black men very exotic and exciting and present a sensual challenge, its that smooth silky touch of the black cock and so much to touch; Then theres the cultural difference.

Now you look in the party mood, in true cuckold husband outfit, ready to watch your randy young white wife fuck some more big black cock. Dont you think these shoes push my thighs up and out pushing my hungry cunt out invitingly? Yes I replied and did several clicks with the camera It is 6pm. Lisa asked Remember its Africa time Im sure they wont miss this date Sit and enjoy your wine while you can. Tell me what is it about black cock that gets white girls so excited and aroused? Well, speaking for myself let me tick off a few answers: I believe that interracial sex between Black men and White women to be the epitome of human sexuality; Its also a desire, a want to have and experience something that you dont have, a different experience. The perception of a musty jungle smell, nakedly attired fucking the white first world female species, not out of love but out of lust; Its said that black men are sexually superior to all other male species. The average erect size of a white penis is 5.6 inches whereas the average erect size of a black penis is 8 inches and so much thicker. That silky black velvet in sheer contrast to my sallow white Watching that thick, black penis invade my pallid white thighs. Lisa had been sitting cross legged on the couch sipping her wine and ruminating the fantasy benefits of big black cock.

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