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I was looking for the PLA bridge when I found a bunch of horrible-ass numbers thru, which is a free, unrestricted service.

Was also instantly invited to the porn chat where the same thing happened; with the pinacle of the ordeal being a 4 hour long discussion in which they discussed adopting dogs for the sole purpose of having sex with them, as well as another member encouraging her to rape her brother by giving him a blowjob while he was asleep.

- Added a 15 year old girl to the chat, after which half of them instantly started hitting on her, even presents sent to her.Hi Qualitee SOOOWEEEEThere are some really good chat lines out there if you look hard enough.Unfortunately most of them seem to be exactly like you described.[8/31/11 PM] ANON: thanks for the advice [8/31/11 PM] Terry Richardson: haha![8/31/11 PM] Terry Richardson: brainless also [8/31/11 PM] Terry Richardson: get real!

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