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Page and Brin patented Page Rank and published the details even before starting the company they called Google.Most people have already forgotten how dark and unsignposted the Internet once was.When I say Google “possesses” all this information, that’s not the same as owning it.What it means to own information is very much in flux. Google has many secrets but the main ingredients of its success have not been secret at all, and the business story has already provided grist for dozens of books.Go there for “hamadryad,” and it points you to Wikipedia. Or the Official Hamadryad Web Site (it’s a rock band, too, wouldn’t you know).

But the business of Internet search, young as it was, had fallen into some rigid orthodoxies.

Then again, a substantial portion of the world’s printed books have now been copied onto the company’s servers, where they share space with millions of hours of video and detailed multilevel imagery of the entire globe, from satellites and from its squadrons of roving street-level cameras.

Not to mention the great and growing trove of information Google possesses regarding the interests and behavior of, approximately, everyone.

So the algorithm assigns every page a rank, depending on how many other pages link to it. A recommendation is worth more when it comes from a page that has a high rank itself.

The math isn’t trivial—Page Rank is a probability distribution, and the calculation is recursive, each page’s rank depending on the ranks of pages that depend…and so on.

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