Jake and anne hathaway dating

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I certainly did in some ways with Ed [Zwick] and Anne. One of the biggest celebrity relationship mysteries might have just been solved thanks to Princess Mia Thermopolis herself.To my knowledge and based on several interviews with both the singer and actor, neither have ever officially said, "Yes, we dated." Obviously, they've talked about each other coyly and were photographed together, but whether they did or didn't have a thing has never been solidified. Here's what Hathaway told Glamour, while discussing T. I met her — I hope it's OK to say this — when she and Jake [Gyllenhaal] were together. I was like, "You are a magnificent creature." She was on fire and I've watched her become this force of nature. Making it appear even more clear that the relationship was real is that Hathaway wasn't sure should even mention the former couple.I bet Hathaway met Swift while she was filming Love & Other Drugs with Gyllenhaal.While chatting with Glamour, Anne Hathaway talked about meeting Taylor Swift.However, during that conversation, the actress pretty much confirmed Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal dated.Hathaway, 28, is stunning in the film, her naturally straight hair transformed into a pre-Raphaelite mane.But when we meet in a Manhattan hotel close to her home, she looks vulnerable and girlish.

Since then she’s played Meryl Streep’s terrorised assistant in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), the White Queen in Tim Burton’s film Alice in Wonderland (2010) and won an Oscar nomination for her raw portrayal of a narcissistic recovering drug addict in Jonathan Demme’s searing family drama, Rachel Getting Married (2008).'I would go into my trailer and a make-up artist would put body make-up on me and then – girls will relate to this – I would compulsively do sit-ups and push-ups until they needed me on set,’ says Hathaway.'But then we would do the sex scenes and afterwards we would just be Jake and Annie chilling out. He is gorgeous,’ she says, laughing when she sees my raised eyebrows. You learn very early on to keep all that stuff very clear in your mind.’ Has it been important to her to keep work and romance separate?Instead, they'll probably just have a chat and then we'll all notice that Hathaway joined Swift's "squad."Whatever happens, I just have one thing to say: Thanks for spilling the beans, Anne.Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway take their clothes off for three new EW covers to promote their new movie, 'Love and Other Drugs,' in which they also go nude.

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