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Finally everything is clean and tidy and you can go to (link: "bed")[(set: $locpic to "home")(set: $rightpic to 0)(display: "sleephub").] It's one thing to be learning to do some housework and another to actually do your employee's work for her. Spencer gave you for work.] Then there is your underwear.Usually you just go for some (link: "boxers")[(set: $locpic to "homebath")(set: $rightpic to "boxers")(goto: "boxers")] or (link: "briefs")[(set: $locpic to "homebath")(set: $rightpic to "briefs")(goto: "briefs")], but the aforementioned girlfriend left one of her (link: "panties and bra")[(set: $locpic to "homebath")(set: $rightpic to "simplepanties")(goto: "panties and bra")] here as well. Now come on, it is time for you to try on your new uniform!At first you found it strange that she does housework wearing an old fashioned maid outfit, but it was a small quirk to tolerate for having such an excellent employee.

You can report these using the "Contact" option in the menu.(There might be some slight spoilers) There is also a detailed Walkthrough available which of course contains many spoilers.Or you can just start playing: The current version is 0.92 You have a little chat with Mrs. Once again she tells you how much she regrets all her hard work going to waste. It's not that hard to learn a little bit of housekeeping. Time to do (link: "something else")[(set: $locpic to "home")(set: $rightpic to 0)(display: "Home")]. The old maid helps you with tying the strings and gives you an approving look. You should always dress properly for the job you are doing." Going back to your work, you do find yourself feeling more suited to it, it's just that you are not sure that's something you should be happy about.Spencer is very understanding about the whole thing.She even reassures you that she will of course continue to come in until the end of the month as her wages have already been paid.

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