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I was too young at that time to remember the originating and the destination place.What I do remember is this Aunty from South India who was ‘Hindi’ and ‘English’ but was carrying amazing food with her that she offered to us.Those who are not aware of the fine nuances of Indian cooking, let me give you a rough sketch.India has always been exceptionally diverse when it comes to food.Similarly, down South, Goa and Tamil Nadu differ in food preparation almost as much, if not more.

The range of influence from the Buddhist to the Hindu kings to the British and of course, the Mughals has seen Hyderabadi cuisine go from strength to strength.I had never eaten this before, so it is such a pleasure to add an entirely new dish to my dessert repertoire that is a surefire hit with not only adults but kids as well.To make ‘Qubani ka Meetha’ or ‘Apricot Compote’ flavored with spices and garnished with nuts, you need: Dried Apricots soaked in water. To know how to get the seed out of the pits and add as a garnish, please click here). Add the nuts – almonds, pistachios and apricot pits if you have them. I remember nibbling on the idlis, and she also had some sweets that were unlike any I had ever tasted.Those were still the days when accepting food from complete strangers was not considered dangerous – that happened when gangs of men and women disguised as passengers offered sedative laced food to fellow passengers and then scurried away with all their belongings. Coming back to North vs South challenge, this sweet dish reminded me of that long ago train ride, possibly the time when I really fell in love with the food of the people whose language I could not understand.

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