My friend is dating a pothead

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It’s fine to understand about Sunday afternoon football or poker night, but this comes down to setting good boundaries about what is okay.

If you take the last of my weed without asking me first, we have a problem.

When Elite Daily published this article about the great reasons to date a stoner chick, I shared it with my friends because I thought it was cute and funny.

Now that we’ve broken this all down, it’s easy to see that the Elite Today article wasn’t so bad after all.

I think that stoners in general have more empathy than other people.

So, yes, we do understand – just stay out of my weed and be honest! She is Low-Maintenance and Will Gladly Stay In With You This one varies by age group and personality in general.

But, if I am getting you that killer dab rig that you were lusting after, and all I am getting is roses from the gas station, we’ve got a problem. She’s Your Best Friend We form bonds with other cannabis consumers that we don’t have with the rest of the world.

Of course we are best friends with our stoner snuggle buddies.

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