My friend is dating my crush

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Although i was mad at her im still friends w/ her and i decided tht its good enough 4 me to be friends w/ my crush and thts alright as long as i can still be w/ him the same thing happened to me in the beggining of the scool year i met this guy and i liked him then i told my friend and now a few months has passed and she tells me she likes him but i act like im over him but i still love him very much and shes prettier than me but i dont think im that ugly.

i actually dont wanna be her friend because she did this on purpose after we got into a fight she lies and shes snotty ive nown her for my entire life but shes making me be her friend by blackmailing me because i USED TO watch *****. Just keep talking to them, and if she pulls any ****, pull it right back.

but maybe she was playin you as a friend for a while.

just forget about then and find someone better than both of them to show you are better than them.

They'd always met in person, and he told to his friends that he'd fell for her.I was so mad but then i was just cool about it cuz i know theyll never meet anyways.But they went out and i had never felt so hurt in my life cuz i thought wow my own bff steals the person ive loved for more than a year.move on, your so young...same age as kind of in the same situatuon. one of my bestest of best friends is in the eith grade and she like him to.he likes her, so im not telling her about me liking him.

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