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What's the difference between real psychic predictions and celebrity entertainment sensationalist predictions?Vine's two psychic prediction articles will help you identify which predictions are real and which ones are generated for SEO keywords.Chinese developers are now 'walking away' from Australian property development projects due to Chinese government restriction of funds.Read the full prediction here: International Property & Real Estate China Government Crackdown First Predicted by Vine on 1st Jan 2017 Months before Brexit and the 2016 United States election, Vine's spiritual guardians guided that deceivers would use social media for their propaganda dissemination.It's the clearest evidence yet that Vine's predictions have come true and deceivers actively manipulated Donald Trump’s so called presidential 'win'.

They prophesied that ice would cut to the core and a roar would release a boom.Vine explains this imbalanced energetic connection in her supermoon article.This connection is further emphasised in Vine's 2018 Spiritual channeling and examples of it, such as the 7.9 magnitude earthquake and tsnunami scare in Alaska, are coming thick and fast in this Blue Moon month of January 2018.Before we can begin to fight back, we have to know who we are dealing with and the plans they have hidden from the public.When you see how elaborate the plans of the deceptive elite are, you will also realize how they have tried to distract our attention with a variety of entertainment and electronic methods to keep us amused or confused.

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