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And then Don turns around and rejects her later on with a work excuse. I unfortunately had some stalkers during that time but no weird prank calls. I heard that some strange occurrences went down while filming…is that true? I think, when we were young and silly, we were like, “It was magic!

Don wouldn’t have come close to rejecting your character in prior seasons. He is feeling very vulnerable right now and maybe hitting bottom, in a way. Although Halloween is always fun because I’ll be at the door handing out candy and someone will come by in a Scream mask.

And the fact that her husband was an alcoholic and that she watched him spiral downward, I thought about that history and what that would do to me, and what kind of person that would make me. I can tell you that, for me, personally, I was working so much so while some may say I was at the forefront of the ‘90s, I didn’t play much. I think we’d gotten past a lot of the cheese of the ‘80s and people had settled down a bit. I was offered a TV show on TNT but it was the outright lead, and wasn’t something I wanted to make at the moment.

But when the 90s came to an end, so too did Campbell's hot streak.

There are quite a few reasons why Campbell has flown under the radar until quite recently — and you may be surprised to know that some of those reasons are completely on purpose.

Thanks to her financial prosperity and the freedom she found away from Hollywood, Campbell is able to better carefully consider her roles. "I lived [in Los Angeles] for 13 years and I never felt at home. "How is that possible that we're not being paid equally and that we're having to have this conversation in 2016? It shouldn't exist." Campbell admitted she wasn't able to "put her foot down" over unequal pay outside of the movies, admitting that "But if there's a choice [to cheat actresses], you're always going to get less." Hollywood sexism may not only have impacted potential pay, but also the number of good roles available as Campbell grew older.

As for what projects she takes on, Campbell shared it "inevitably comes down to good writing." Neve Campbell acknowledged that sometimes getting better roles meant "playing the Hollywood game." But in her own words, Campbell grew tired of playing "got tired of the game a bit." Burned out by movie business politics, Campbell decided to move to England and abandoned the Hollywood scene for nearly a decade. Neve Campbell admitted to turning down roles for a time because she wanted to better focus on being there for her family after becoming a mom in 2012.

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