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The one on the right is the one from Image Entertainment's main studio website.At this time, we're not sure which one is the one Image plans to actually use, but the one on the right is similar in style to they type Image puts out all too often.(It’s short and snappy, while “revolve on his axis” is anything but.) But . Trump’s dismissal of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who had steered the campaign with spectacular success through the primaries even if he had the tact of a Mafia hit man, was revealing.

The one on the left (as if you couldn't guess, since it's so much better-looking) is the one that is from the official DVD promo site, Nowhere Man (it's still there at this time).

Normally we would wait and try to contact the studio first, but with the art being distributed to online retailers (and our readers noticing it), we didn't think we should wait to post about the confusion. All too often we see studios who over-think the DVD packaging (like many consumers thought Universal had with the original Battlestar Galactica and the upcoming Munsters - Season 2)..far more often we see studios who under-think it.

They throw together any old box cover that looks far too ugly, and embarrassing for consumers to put on their living room DVD rack and let their houseguests see.

And the move failed to elicited a single welcoming statement from a dispirited party elite.

(Although The New York Times did use “pivot” in its headline on the ouster.

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