Patron saint of dating

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The story of his life and death was painted on the chapel walls in the early 16th century.Master 14th century Czech sculptor Petr Parléř decorated the shrine.Born in 907, Wenceslas was a member of the Přemysl dynasty that would rule Bohemia from the ninth century to 1306.His father was the founder of the Přemyslids, Bořivoj I, the duke of Bohemia from 870 to 889 who installed Christian values in his son.Wenceslas’ helmet and armor can be found at Prague Castle, too.Wenceslas was destined for sainthood immediately after his death.

However, Drahomíra argued with Christian subjects and aspired to gain recognition from the nobility.

Although Wenceslas was a duke during his lifetime, Holy Roman Emperor Otto I gave the pious Přemyslid the status of king posthumously.

Even as far back as the 10th century, people revered Wenceslas, who became the subject of many legends, including two of the first Old Slavonic tales.

Boleslav ordered his retinue to kill Wenceslas, which they did, September 28, either in 935 or 929, though contemporary historians tend to prefer 935.

His remains are in the Saint Wenceslas Chapel at Saint Vitus Cathedral of Prague Castle.

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