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I have to add, the metaphors and references used in the first 3 chapters are brilliant. Last updated on May 4th, 2013, am To think I've been spending time reading cliched, smutty, asshole male lead filled Shoujo when a masterpiece like this was out there is just unbelievable! The main leads aren't annoying at all, and it's so nice to see a relationship that's strong and not fraught by jealousy. Lol, I just want to quote the characters in the story.The first 3 chapters are mandatory, the rest is optional. I can't believe I didn't see this one before. This is one of the mangas that are being shadowed by the more popular ones. At first I wanted to give it up because it didn't seem to be the type of manga I usually read, but thankfully I kept going and it turned out to be good enough for my liking. The amount and type of information that Manga Zone Studio gathers depends on the nature of the interaction.For example, we ask visitors to share a photo on Twitter to provide a username and email address.From Eternal Heart: Risa is a middle-school student who has zero experience in love, but hopes to one day find that special someone. Rabbit (V.8) I remember reading this a few years ago, finding the art style and romance to be adorable ... It basically becomes one of those shoujo manga where the romance is dragged out and becomes just plain difficult to enjoy anymore.

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The charm was really taken out of everything when the story got extended continuously. And the girl is super sweet but can say things on her mind This manga would definitely be cute as a oneshot 3 chapters or so.

I'd recommend reading it if you just stick with the beginning part(s) of the manga. However it's also really good when it continues!

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