Robbie rogers dating

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Thank you to the men and women who made this day possible.Also thank you @hanaasano for capturing this picture, convincing Caleb to smile at the camera this long was impressive ;)” The men announced that they were engaged in January after dating several years.He said that when he came out as gay, he expected to be contacted by other athletes still in the closet. That's why he wrote his book, which comes out today, he says — to change the culture of sports."What would you like to say to coaches today who are coaching high school, college, and professional sports? "I would tell coaches, 'You probably have a gay player,'" he replied.He also announced his retirement from the game at the same time, aged 25, but four months later joined Major League Soccer side the Galaxy.Now, after 11 years as a professional, the former Heerenveen and Columbus Crew player has said he is hanging up his boots for good after suffering an ankle injury.We hate to see a relationship end, but since Robbie came out, we've all been daydreaming about having a chance with him. He just signed a multi-year contract with his team, the L. Here's why we think Robbie would make the perfect boyfriend.

"[It] made me think, well, I'm never coming out and playing this sport, because when they find out, they're not going to want to be my coach, or I'm not going to be able to play soccer anymore." After Rogers left college to go pro, locker room conversations about women and sex made him feel he had to keep his secret.

The men are all smiles as they reach down to hold their son Caleb's hands. “Still recovering from the most emotional beautiful day, exceeding any dream I ever had,” Rogers captioned the photo.

“To marry the man I love in front of all of my loved one’s was not something I grew up thinking would ever happen.

"From the moment I told my sisters and my mom and my dad, they told me, 'We love you so much.

This doesn't change anything for us, and you were created this way.'" But Rogers was still terrified to be an "out" athlete.

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