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Contains approximately the bottom right third of the Metonic spiral and inscriptions of both the spiral and back door of the mechanism.The Metonic scale would have consisted of 235 cells of which 49 have been deciphered from fragment B either in whole or partially.A team led by Mike Edmunds and Tony Freeth at Cardiff University used modern computer x-ray tomography and high resolution surface scanning to image inside fragments of the crust-encased mechanism and read the faintest inscriptions that once covered the outer casing of the machine.Detailed imaging of the mechanism suggests that it had 37 gear wheels enabling it to follow the movements of the moon and the sun through the zodiac, to predict eclipses, and even to model the irregular orbit of the moon, where the moon’s velocity is higher in its perigee than in its apogee.

In 2008, continued research by the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project suggested that the concept for the mechanism may have originated in the colonies of Corinth, since they identified the calendar on the Metonic Spiral as coming from Corinth or one of its colonies in Northwest Greece or Sicily.Other fragments may still be in storage, undiscovered since their initial recovery; Fragment F came to light in that way in 2005.Of the 82 known fragments, seven are mechanically significant and contain the majority of the mechanism and inscriptions.The device was found housed in the remains of a 340-millimetre (13 in) × 180-millimetre (7.1 in) × 90-millimetre (3.5 in) wooden box.It is a complex clockwork mechanism composed of at least 30 meshing bronze gears.

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