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H&H removed a wing wall to open the space up and make room for a new kitchen island.

The team also reconfigured the lighting, installed new tile, and removed all of the cabinetry to replace it with new cabinets built by Big Branch Woodworking.

Bright designlab, Hammer & Hand, and the clients worked together to come up with a plan that fit the clients’ desire for modern design while complementing the mid-century architecture.

“It was a classic example of collaboration between the designer, the homeowner, and Hammer & Hand,” said H&H Project Manager Alex Daisley.

“It was all over the place before.” The team added a new white oak linen closet, crafted by Big Branch Woodworking, at the entrance of the master bathroom.

The old vanity was replaced with a white oak vanity custom-designed by bright designlab and built by Big Branch Woodworking.

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A special order Wetstyle soaking tub connects seamlessly to the shower ledge for a very spa-like feel.

The guest bathroom also got a fresh coat of Vanilla Milkshake paint, new tile, new Americh tub, and vanity.

The master bathroom was the jewel of the three bathroom remodels.

“We worked together to control the budget and the cost while keeping the desired design elements.” “We had a lot of intensive design meetings with them where we went through each piece,” agreed Alissa.

“We usually start with a site survey, clear out the box, and give them different scenarios and options.

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