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The two different types of solder mask window needed are shown in Figure 5, from which it is clear that pocket windows need solder mask that is much better defined and in register than gang windows.

Figure 5: Solder mask window types The gang solder mask window will normally be able to be manufactured by screen printing, using a 0.38 mm spacing; however, the pocket solder mask type will require clearances of 75–125 µm, and must therefore be made with photoimageable resist.

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With fully automated lines, we are able to manufacture more than 800,000 tons of corrugated cardboard and solid fiber boxes per year, producing more than 2 billion pieces of post-printed boxes of up to 5 colors per year.

We offer packaging made with flutes: A, B and C, as well as microcorrugated boxes with flutes: E, F and K; with the possibility of combining flutes for double wall boxes.

As with any resist process, there is a choice between dry film materials, where a known thickness of mask is laid over the board, and liquid processes, where a deposit of approximately even thickness is attempted, typically in the case of solder resist by curtain coating.

With a 550,000-ton capacity and 6 paper mills, we produce: white liner, semi-kraft liner and medium paper from 100 to 800 gr/m2 grammages, and Gondikote® coated paperboard, from 200 to 480 gr/m2 grammages, developed by Grupo Gondi, with high-end graphic printing quality, moisture resistance, and excellent performance.

We implement the latest technology to control paper processing, using the L&W Autoline 400, which measures each reel of paper with high accuracy and providing online analysis for immediate quality validation.

Excessively thick solder mask can cause drawbridging where used between component pads, and omitting mask between chip component pads is sometimes recommended to reduce this effect, and also make cleaning easier.

This of course is not possible when tracks are run in the spaces between pads.

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