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Whilst in high school, she participated in several theatre performances, including Antigone.She sang the Ana Sofrenović song "Kaži zašto me ostavi" in the play Galeb during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.At the age of seven, she attended primary school "Meša Selimović" in Novi Pazar and started to take classic guitar lessons in Mokranjac Music School.She completed the basic school of music and performed in the choir of her hometown of Novi Pazar and took part in the local folklore section.

Prior to this, she always wanted to be an architect.Emina Jahović received her BA degree in management from the Faculty of Management at Braća Karić "BK" University in Belgrade (today Alpha University in Belgrade).Local and national youth festivals played a significant role for Emina Jahović's early music career.She is also known in such regional countries as Iran and is widely-recognized amongst the diaspora communities of the Former Yugoslavia in the Western Europe, United States, Canada, and Australia.Between 20, she was cast in the leading role as Lale Taşkıran Ilgaz in Lale Devri, a Turkish primetime tv-series that still airs on FOX.

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