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More than a handful of critics compared the movie's palette to animated Impressionism; it seemed to me closer to the Photoshop 'paint bucket' tool than Monet, and certainly not much more artful than the “cinematic” interludes in the old Flashback: The Quest for Identity computer game (a remarkably Phil Dick-inspired piece of software, that).

Since then, the blush of the new has faded from the technique; Sabiston's work appeared in Lars Von Trier's buffoonish The Five Obstructions, and his innovations made possible those Charles Schwab commercials which contributed to making the last Super Bowl one of the most excruciating television events of all time (other factors included the constant cut-aways to Jerome Bettis's parents and pretty much any expression at all that crossed Hines Ward's face).

He slums at a suburban ranch-style crash-pad with his girlfriend-in-title-alone, sex-phobic cokehead Donna (Ryder, better than she's been in years), and his drug buddies, overeducated conspiracy-theorist/ half-ass inventor Barris (gracefully tic-seized Downey, sporty in architect glasses) and beach mutt Luckman (Harrelson).Keanu's place is not to do, but to be done to - I can't think of an actor who's handled a straight sex scene with the gawping passivity of Reeves as he's being worked over by Ione Skye in River's Edge.Moving past Keanu, if there's a real star to this film, it's the process by which it was made: Scanner sees Linklater returning to the Rotoshop digitally processed cartooning that he first used in his 2001 collaboration with techie animator Bob Sabiston, Waking Life.We're working on a fix and hope to resolve the issue soon.If you have any questions, please contact JSTOR Support or check Twitter for additional updates.

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