Was it intimidating working with alan rickman

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Though he was a supporting player in a vast ensemble, Rickman invested the slimy professor with pathos as much as he could, and it paid off beautifully with the character’s tragic end in 2011’s Though he booked many Hollywood roles, Rickman worked primarily in British film and theater throughout his career, performing alongside many of the country’s greatest talents.In Anthony Minghella’s heartbreaking 1990 film (for which he also earned a Tony nod), both alongside Lindsay Duncan.He worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company not long after graduating, a connection he maintained throughout his career, and got his big break playing the manipulative Valmont in 1985’s , a mid-budget action movie starring the then-sitcom actor Bruce Willis.

“I’ll take this as a healthy reminder that subtlety …

His contribution to British theater was immeasurable, with a list of credits too long to mention.

And he was always in demand as a voice actor, from the strange Danish animated comedy Rickman was consistently overlooked by the Oscars, a fact that didn’t bother him (“Parts win prizes, not actors,” he once said), but his legacy makes that fact a minor footnote.

In 1978, sprightly and lean at age 32, he appeared as Tybalt in the BBC Television Shakespeare adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Alan Rickman was an actor who could take even the blandest roles and spin them into something wonderful.

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