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The bad news is I could have written that months ago.Thanks for asking and I will get to it really soon. I am glad I found this site (although only Ed has admitted reading one of my stories).Pubic hair grows back quickly and fireplay ladies safely burn their bushes off it all the time. "Thomas Chaser: I like your suggestions for Darkroom's upcoming video shoot.Just throwing a last minute torture idea for Justine. Sounds like pretty ambitious plotline; if he even does one of those, it would be a worthwhile purchase.But everything changes when the hometown team unexpectedly gets booked in an exhibition match against the New York Rangers.

In the rack scene, the table doubles as the rack with the chains disappearing underneath and/or out of the frame. I will try to contribute frequently in future and hope for your comments.Political double-talk, dirty tricks, hidden microphones, spy satellites, bugging the Oval Office and a nuclear bomb for sale are all ingredients in this swift, funny and frightening look at the possibilities in today’s political arenas.Sean Connery stars as TV Newsman Patrick Hal on an international chase to track two suitcase sized nuclear weapons and to uncover the twisting maze of apparent involvement of US Government agencies.Hopefully other readers will like the ideas and encourage Darkroom to try one of them.On the soldering iron idea, Darkroom wouldn't even need to add the steam special effect.

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