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The sex workers I was working with found my naïveté interesting, and it drew their sympathies; it made them want to help me, to take me under their wing as it were, and thus allowed me better access and more time to become adept at socializing with them.In total, I spoke with more than 400 sex workers from diverse backgrounds and closely interacted with about 40 women.I came to form particularly close bonds with several women who lived in an apartment complex in Haikou., or “old fellows”) who would pay them a monthly stipend and give them various gifts as well as money toward rent.

he majority of my study participants were from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and they ranged from elementary school dropouts to junior high school graduates.When forced to stop working—for example, if they needed an abortion or because of STIs—they at times resorted to living in their workplace, such as a brothel (often referred to as a ), taught me about their local world, and shared their daily feelings and thoughts.They found it unimaginable that I had always been a student, without any significant work experience, and that I was so ignorant about what they called “society” ().ne hot afternoon in July 2008, I was sitting with Li*, a 27-year-old female sex worker, in her tiny room in the red-light district of Haikou, the capital of China’s Hainan province.The concrete walls were covered with colorful posters of Chinese pop stars and erotic images of white couples. his moment of violence in a seemingly friendly community of “sisters” shocked me.

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