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Intelligent women prefer to be complimented, particularly on their personal qualities or achievements. Talking about your ex in a positive way will make her jealous and speaking about problems in the past relationship makes it appear as if you have some unresolved issues, commonly known as “baggage.” No matter how much it seems to fit the conversation, avoid bringing up your former partners.

Certainly, men seek contacts with the final goal of being together in a physical way. But hints about intimacy, special abilities or prowess come across as extremely cheesy and lame, the majority of ladies agree.

This is not what a decent woman is looking for in her potential date.

And while there are a proverbial million ways to make a connection die, steering clear of typical mistakes will keep you ahead in this game.

If you want to make it work, certain things are best to be avoided.

Some guys start this type of innuendoes early on through texts and chats, probably thinking it would help them to get the girl. Unless you already have a lively conversation and she is the one starting to show some skin in the photos she sends you, avoid emailing pictures without a top on.

The same applies to your dating profile: Keep the shirt on.

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